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Am I ready for Horse Riding?

Lets first see whether you are ready for horse riding.

What is the right age to start riding?
Horse riding requires a combination of physical strength, mental and emotional maturity. Each child matures differently, so it is difficult to say at what age a child is ready for horse riding. Australian horse riding centres have a minimum age of 6 before they allow children to ride a horse on their own. Children may start earlier if they are led, supervised or instructed in an enclosed area.

Am I too small or big for the horse?
Weight, size and strength will determine if you are the right size for the horse. While horses are able to carry the weight of riders, some people are too large (height or weight) or small for the size of horse. For example, if you are too large for the horse, you could injure yourself, the horse or put unnecessary pressure on the horse’s spine.

SchoolsOn have listed a large variety of horse riding schools and riding instructors to provide horse riding lessons for beginners to advanced, children and adults.

So please, learn to ride today, and remember, “Life is in the Living”

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